Havana Club Anejo 7 Years In Stock

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  • Brand: Havana Club
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Havana Club 7 Years old is the original Cuban Sipping Rum.

Havana Club 7 Years old was the first Cuban Extra aged rum that showed the world that rum could be drunk neat.

"The very essence of aged Cuban rum which I am most proud of." Don José Navarro, Primer Maestro Ronero.

It takes more than 14 years to create Havana Club 7 years old, and the minimum age of any rum in this blend is 7 years. This guaranteed youngest drop policy is made possible by ageing and blending individual barrels, a truly unique technique in the World of rum.

Just like fine wine, Havana Club 7 years expresses the Cuban terroir; from the world famous Cuban tobacco, to the rich and sweet fruits of a Cuban garden, to spices and vanilla flavours brought by long ageing.

You can also taste the raw material used to make the rum, the Cuban sugarcane.



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